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Stage Build From Scratch

  • Converted “executive” warehouse in the David Glass Technology Center into state of the art motion control stage equipped with XL and DA systems, for large and small items, with or without talent.  
  • Capable of executing 30 SKUs per day per system 
  • Streamlined shot list coordination based on client filled product feature survey
  • $1.3m budget includes design, stage build, travel and per diems, training and 3 months of preliminary shooting.
  • With system in place, videos are manufactured at under $500 per video using an automated production and post production process
  • Plans to expand from 2 systems to 20 systems
Converting Warehouse space into a stage outfitted with the Donatello system

Provide preliminary budget prior to scout visit and scout the space
Design layout to optimize Donatello systems
Build out limbo stage environment including custom lighting, cameras, lensing…
Train local staff